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Heavy Duty (1-3/4")


KITS AVAILABLE UP TO 40"X60"! Our Heavy Duty stretcher bar kits provide a 1¾" deep profile. All kits come with stretcher bars, corner braces, corner clips, screws and a wall hanging kit. Everything you need for a successful canvas stretching experience. All stretcher bars are made from kiln dried North American Poplar hardwood. 1 Kit in each box.

2 Paks, 8 Paks and 24 Paks:

Each "Pak" of Wraptek stretcher bars contains 2, 8 or 24 bars plus one corner clip and corner brace per stretcher bar. We also include 2 screws per bar and two sawtooth hangers per each 4 bar allowing for two hanging points per stretched canvas frame.

Center Braces:

Center braces are intended for use with stretcher bar kits over 30"-34” on the long side. Order the same length as the 'short' side of your stretcher bar kit(s).
For most applications only one back brace required per stretcher bar kit . For longer, panorama style frames, two or more back braces may be required.

45 Degree Braces:

How to order the correct size: Multiply the short side of your frame by 0.6. Example (40"x60") 40x0.6=24", if your math results in a decimal point round up or down to the nearest inch.

45º Back Braces - 1¾” wide - 4 braces - 45 degree back braces are used in a “diamond configuration” to support the sides of the stretcher bars. If you purchase 45 degree braces, you will not usually need a center back brace unless the stretched canvas is over 60” and the short side of the canvas is less than 38”.

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