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"I’ve been doing business with Imageworks Supply for several years. As one of the early adopters of their stretcher bar system, I’ve seen first-hand their dedication to quality in making their’s the best on the market."


"I cant not thank you enough for getting out my order today. With it being so late I wasn’t expecting it to ship tonight, but you made it happen. Thank you! Have an awesome New Year guys! Our clients are loving the new bars and how professionally finished they are."


Imageworks Supply : Wraptek Stretcher Bar Canvas Frames and More.


Imageworks Supply is a new venture formed by the people behind Stretcher Bar Depot and the Wraptek Stretcher Bar system. We created our stretcher bar system to solve the simple but difficult problem of stretching inkjet canvas prints. We bring you an exceptional stretcher bar product, at a reasonable price that will ADD value to your work as a large format printer, photographer or artist.

Our goal is to bring even greater value to your doorstep by providing a proven system of stretcher bars and  excellent french canvas that actually work together to create the highest quality gallery wraps for you and your customers. Call at 888.980.6575 or email [email protected] for more information.


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